8.1.5 - System of Grading

Last updated on May 30, 2023

POLICY: Spoon River College uses the following schedule of letter grades, definitions and grade point equivalents as its official marking system.


This policy applies to all Spoon River College students.


  1. System of grading:  The schedule below is used as the system of grading.
    Letter GradeDefinitionPoint per Credit Hour
    BAbove Average3.00
    FAFailure due to Absence0.00
    WOfficial Withdrawal--
    AUAudit No Credit--
  2. An incomplete is given by the instructor to permit a student the opportunity to make up work required for satisfactory completion of a course. Students may not withdraw from a class once an incomplete grade is issued.
  3. Work required for a course must be completed within nine (9) weeks of the end of the semester attended. If the work is not completed and the proper grade recorded by the instructor within nine (9) weeks, the Registrar shall automatically record the grade that was earned.
  4. Although the grade of “D” is viewed academically as “passing” for some programs/courses as posted in the program guidelines, handbook, or syllabus a grade of “D” may not be satisfactory to allow the student access to other curriculum within that program/discipline.
  5. The grade “FA” is given to a student who does not withdraw from a class and fails the course due to absence. Standards for this grade are determined by the instructor.