6.3 – Customer Service in Diesel

POLICY: The Spoon River College Diesel Technology Department provides tractor or other equipment repair using established procedures.


This policy applies to all customers of the Spoon River College Diesel Technology Department.


  1. A service order is completed for all equipment brought to the Diesel Technology Department, listing the work to be done.


  1. Diesel Technology Department completes a service order form for each piece of equipment a customer brings in for repair. The service order form lists the customer name, address, phone, and email as well as the type of machine, year, make, model and serial number.
  2. Diesel Technology Department assigns an identification tag to the repair unit.
  3. The customer signs the repair agreement form before any work is completed, acknowledging that the labor is being performed at no charge by students under faculty supervision and releasing SRC from liability.
  4. The Diesel Technology Department completes the service order form as work is completed.
  5. Diesel Technology Department verifies that the service order is complete.
  6. Diesel Technology Department contacts the customer to inform them of the completed job and reviews the service order with the customer.
  7. Diesel Technology Department provides customers with a service order invoice to pay. If no payment is due, the faculty should note this on the work order.
  8. Customer remits payment to the diesel faculty before receiving property.
    1. The customer signs one copy of the service order and the repaired property.
    2. The faculty files the faculty’s copy of the service order. All service orders completed whether or not there are any costs, must be placed in the SRC file.
  9. Diesel faculty submits the payments and copies of service orders to the Business Office. The Business Office Specialist will note “paid” on the service order, keep copy for file, and deposit funds into the appropriate revenue account.  Funds will be deposited by the Director of Business Services or the Accountant at the appropriate bank.
  10. If attempts to collect payment by faculty are unsuccessful, the Business Office will send past due letters to attempt to collect the debt. If the Business Office is unsuccessful, the Business Office will send the matter to the College attorney.