6.11 - Bookstore Donations

Last updated on April 11, 2023

POLICY: As a self-supporting campus department, Bookstore profits remain at Spoon River College to support programs and facilities that benefit our students, faculty, and staff. Donations are occasionally provided to College groups or community programs that are in line with the College’s mission to serve the needs those in our district. Because a large number of donation requests are received, our giving is very focused.


This policy applies to all Spoon River College employees and individuals seeking donations from the Bookstore.


  1. The Spoon River College Bookstore will consider requests from those listed below.
    1. College-affiliated groups or organizations;
    2. Events conducted by the College or SRC Foundation;
    3. Community programs and not for profit organizations that support the mission, vision, and values of Spoon River College.

    NOTE: Although an organization may fit one or more of the examples above, it's not a guarantee that all requests will be honored. In addition, past approvals do not equate to future donations. While we wish we could support all worthy organizations, we simply cannot.

  2. Regrettably, we cannot support:
    1. Requests that benefit specific individuals;
    2. Requests for cash donations;
    3. Religious and political groups/campaigns.
  3. Bookstore donations are in the form of merchandise or gift cards. Donated merchandise is not eligible to be returned or exchanged.
  4. All requests must be submitted on the Donation Request Form. The donation request form must include all required information, including information about your organization, event, or initiative.
  5. Please allow 7-10 business days for a response.