5.1 – Use of Spoon River College Equipment, Facilities, or Resources

POLICY:  Use of Spoon River College facilities for education purposes is priority.  The use of College equipment or resources for personal business is forbidden without the express written consent of the President.


This policy applies to outside constituents and not to College units or College sponsored programs.


  1. College Technology and Network Services: Please refer to the Technology and Network Services Policy in the Policies and Procedures Manual.
  2. Buildings and Grounds: Any group or individual desiring to use the facilities or equipment such as classrooms, auditoriums, student common areas, the Community Outreach Centers, or the Spoon River College Conference Center must comply with the established guidelines for eligibility to use the College facilities outlined below.
    1. For profit, not for profit, and private parties within the Spoon River College district may rent Spoon River College facilities.
    2. Not for profit organizations provide proof of formal organization as a 501 (C) (3) group.
    3. Renters and visitors are required to provide proof of insurance and comply with the Facility Use Guidelines.
    4. Caterers are required to supply in advance, copies of the State of Illinois Department of Public Health certification of food service/sanitation and liability insurance coverage.
    5. The College reserves the right to reconsider the use of facilities by any group or individual.
    6. Full payment is due five (5) business days prior to the scheduled facility.
    7. Late or incomplete payments may result in the cancellation of the scheduled facility.
  3. Library / Learning Resource Center (LRC): The LRC is open to all students, staff, and persons residing within the boundaries of the Spoon River College District. Non-residents of the district are also welcomed and encouraged to utilize the services of the Library (LRC).Any person desiring to use the LRC to check out materials must first secure a Library card from the circulation desk.  Users are expected to assume full responsibility for all materials checked out in their name and must be willing to reimburse the Library for any loss or damage.  All users are expected to abide by the regulations of the Library.Since the primary responsibility of LRC is to serve the students and faculty of Spoon River College, all materials checked out by patrons are subject to recall if a student or instructor requests the material.  The LRC reserves the right to restrict the use of certain materials patrons if there is a high instructional demand for such items.
  4. The College reserves the right to remove any group or individual from its properties, if necessary.