4.4 – College Owned or Rented Vehicles

POLICY:  Vehicles owned or rented by Spoon River College or on behalf of Spoon River College are intended to be used by authorized drivers for the purpose of conducting college-related business.  Further, it is expected that authorized drivers will ensure that the guidelines outlined are followed.  Intentional misuse or negligent use of college owned or rented vehicles is subject to the College’s disciplinary policy.

Employees not eligible for mileage reimbursement for their personal vehicle may not use a college owned vehicle for the trip.

Refer to the Use of Spoon River College Property policy for personal use of college owned vehicles.


This policy applies to all authorized drivers of Spoon River College vehicles.


Authorized Driver:  Full-time and regularly scheduled part-time employees, coaches, and other authorized individuals that have had their motor vehicle records checked and approved are considered authorized drivers of Spoon River College owned or rented vehicles.  Authorized drivers will lose college owned or rented vehicle driving privileges under the conditions below:

Number of minor violationsNumber of At-Fault Accidents
3 or moreUnacceptableUnacceptableUnacceptableUnacceptable
Any major violationsUnacceptableUnacceptableUnacceptableUnacceptable

Major Violations (within last five years of violation date) include:

The following are not considered as a violation:

Borderline Drivers:

Borderline drivers include “borderline” situations as noted in the above chart and the following: