3.6.4 – Performance Evaluation – Staff

POLICY:  Spoon River College is committed to strengthening the effectiveness of all employees.  An important aspect of this commitment is fair, consistent, and effective evaluation.  Performance evaluations are a means to support this commitment and are the responsibility of both the employee and the supervisor.

This policy establishes general procedures for such evaluations.  Criteria for such evaluations will vary according to the nature of the position.

NOTE: Refer to the collective bargaining unit agreement for full-time faculty evaluation and the Evaluation of Instruction Policy for part-time faculty.


This policy applies to all full- and part-time staff.


  1. Informal Meeting: As part of an ongoing performance evaluation system, it is expected that both full-time and part-time staff of Spoon River College undergo one informal review meeting at the end of the fall semester and an annual formal review of their performance at the end of the performance year.
  2. Evaluation Schedule: Annual performance evaluations are conducted using the schedule below:
    1. Step 1 (see step 3): Set goals for next fiscal year by June 30 each year (July 1 effective date);
    2. Step 2: 1st This meeting should be held by the end of the Fall semester to review progress of annual goals and overall performance of employee;
    3. Step 3: 2nd This meeting should be held by the end of the last week in June to review the progress of annual goals and overall performance of employee.  This meeting will also include the setting of goals for the next performance year as well as turning in the completed evaluation form to the Human Resources Office.
  3. Purpose of Evaluation: Performance evaluations should provide a mechanism by which to manage performance and target performance goals for the coming year. More specifically, Annual Performance Evaluations are conducted for the purposes of:
  4. Evaluation Criteria: Supervisors must conduct an annual performance evaluation for all direct reports. General criteria to be used in the evaluation of all staff include:
  5. Initial Evaluation for New Hires: At the conclusion of the probationary/orientation period an evaluation will be conducted.  The evaluation directly relates to the employee’s essential duties in the assigned position and acclamation to Spoon River College culture.  Further, the evaluation provides employees with directions for success in their position.


The following procedures relate specifically to the annual performance evaluation:

  1. Notification of pending evaluation: The Human Resources Office will provide email reminders to supervisors.
  2. Scheduling of evaluation meeting: The employee’s supervisor will schedule meetings with the employee using the schedule above.  During the meetings the employee and supervisor will complete the appropriate section of the evaluation.
  3. Annual evaluation meeting: Employee and the employee’s supervisor will meet for a formal annual meeting.  Together, the employee and supervisor will review and set performance goals for the coming year.  If appropriate, areas of improvement will be addressed with a detailed improvement plan that includes action items for improvement, a reasonable timeline, and follow-up meetings to discuss progress of improvement.  The employee and supervisor will sign the evaluation form after the meeting is completed.
  4. Provide evaluations to Human Resources: The supervisor will forward all evaluation materials to the appropriate administrator for review and signature.  The signed, original documents are then forwarded to the Human Resources Office.  The completed evaluations are placed in the employee’s personnel file.