3.5.4 – Employee Recruitment / Employment Eligibility

POLICY:  Spoon River College’s employee recruitment process includes the screening and hiring of qualified applicants in compliance with all Federal and State laws in relation to legal employment of individuals.


This policy applies to all Spoon River College applicants and employees.


Applicant:  Any individual applying for employment at Spoon River College.

Candidate:  An applicant that has been selected for an interview.

Hiring Supervisor:  The supervisor directly responsible for the hiring and supervision of the position for which there is a vacancy.

Screening Committee Member: Individual(s) selected by the hiring supervisor to provide feedback on the selection of the best qualified candidate.  Members of a screening committee participate as a recommending body and have no authority to make decisions with regard to the interview or hiring of any candidate.


  1. Responsibilities of Hiring Supervisors and/or Screening Committee Members:
    1. It is the responsibility of all participants in the employee recruitment process to ensure compliance with all federal and state law related to recruitment and selection of employees.
    2. All hiring supervisors and members of any screening committee are required to review and sign a confidentiality agreement prior to participating in the employee recruitment process. Violation of the confidentiality agreement may result in the following:
      1. First violation of confidentiality agreement: six (6) month removal of screening committee participation/hiring process (if applicable);
      2. Second violation of confidentiality agreement: permanent removal of screening committee participation/hiring process (if applicable);
      3. Disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment, depending upon severity of violation.
    3. All hiring supervisors and members of any screening committee are prohibited from:
      1. Printing, copying, saving, or in any way duplicating or distributing application materials;
      2. Disclosing the name(s), or any information about applicants to anyone outside the Screening Committee.
      3. Researching candidates or checking references.
    4. A member of the Human Resources staff participates in all screening committees.
    5. Hiring supervisors must provide the Human Resources Office with a list of individuals on screening committee.
    6. When candidates are invited to the campus for an interview, members of the screening committee may participate in the interview, upon request of the hiring supervisor.
    7. Hiring supervisors and screening committee members are required to remove themselves from the hiring process (including the screening and interview process) if a personal relationship exists between the applicant/candidate and the hiring manager/ screening committee member. A personal relationship may include a familial relationship, friendship, or any other relationship that would cause the hiring supervisor or screening committee member to have a conflict of interest in the screening/hiring process.
    8. The College recognizes that some vacancies may require a nationwide search. If the pool of qualified candidates is unacceptable per the hiring supervisor and Human Resources Director through a local search, the College may proceed with a nationwide search.  Upon approval of the President, candidates called for an interview may receive up to $500 travel reimbursement (with receipts).  Travel reimbursement will be funded from the hiring supervisor’s budget.
    9. The procedure for selection and employment of a Division Chair is referenced in the collective bargaining unit agreement between Spoon River College and the Spoon River College Faculty Association (SRCFA).
  2. Application Process: All applications for employment are accepted via the College’s online recruiting system (via the College’s website). No paper application materials are accepted.  Official college transcripts may be required for some vacancies.  A college-wide email is sent to all employees as notice of a new vacancy posted.
  3. Employment Eligibility: Applicants meeting the required criteria of a position as reflected in the job posting must meet the conditions below to be considered eligible for employment:
    1. In keeping with the requirements of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA), all newly hired employees, including student employees, are required to provide documents that establish identity and documents that establish employment eligibility. It is the policy of Spoon River College that this information be received on or before the first day of employment to avoid the need to dismiss any individual who cannot meet the IRCA requirement. The Human Resources Office can provide additional information concerning the requirements of the IRCA and acceptable documents.  **Individuals will not be considered an employee of Spoon River College until this requirement has been met.
    2. In accordance with state statutes, Spoon River College assesses and verifies during the hiring process the oral English proficiency of applicants considered for a classroom instruction position. Those assessed as not being proficient by the hiring Supervisor will attain proficiency prior to providing classroom instruction.
    3. Any applicant meeting the required criteria for a position must complete a pre-employment criminal background check authorization form. As a condition of employment, satisfactory results of a criminal background check are required.
    4. The Human Resources Office performs employment eligibility verification via the US Department of Homeland Security on all new hires.
    5. Some positions may require a pre-employment drug test as a condition of employment as required by law.
  4. Residency as a condition of employment: Per the Spoon River College Board of Trustees resolution, approved October 24, 2012, the following positions require residency within the Spoon River College district:
    1. It is a condition of employment for the positions listed above, hired after October 24, 2012, to maintain residency within the geographic boundaries of Spoon River Community College District No. 534, except as provided in the following paragraph.
    2. In the event the Board of Trustees hires any individuals in the positions listed above after October 24, 2012 who at that time is not currently maintaining a residency within the District, such employee shall have 180 days after the date of hiring to establish residency within the District as a condition of employment.
    3. The Director of Human Resources is directed to require individuals hired in positions listed above who are hired after October 24, 2012 to provide proof of legal residency within the District as required above, with such proof to be maintained in the employee’s personnel file.
    4. Employees hired before the effective date of October 24, 2012 are exempt from this requirement.