3.5.3 - Disclosure of Confidential Employee Information

Last updated on March 30, 2023

POLICY:  Spoon River College makes every reasonable effort to protect the confidential information of current and former employees.


This policy applies to all current and former Spoon River College employees.


  1. All requests for information on current or former employees must be referred to the Human Resources Office.
  2. Information given by phone will be limited to verification of employment dates and most recent position title.
  3. In response to written requests (for example, mortgage applications), information such as salary, dates of employment, and job position may be disclosed, if an authorization signed by the employee is provided.
  4. Representatives of government or law enforcement agencies, in the course of their business, may be allowed access to file information in response to a legal subpoena or court order. Such cases will be handled on an individual basis.
  5. All employee and student files are the property of Spoon River College.
  6. Refer to the College’s Personnel Records Review policy for information regarding current and former employee access to personnel records.