3.5.12 – Personnel Records Review

POLICY: Spoon River College Human Resources Office maintains a personnel file for all employees.  In compliance with the Illinois Personnel Records Review Act (820 ILCS 40), employees may review their personnel records.


This policy applies to all Spoon River College employees.


Employee:  For purposes of this policy, an employee is a person currently employed (or subject to recall after layoff) or a former employee whose employment terminated within the preceding year.


  1. Employees are responsible to keep personal records, such as home address, up-to-date and on file in the Human Resources Office.
  2. Employees may request to review their personnel file with five days’ notice of an appointment and completion of the Request to Review Personnel File form.
  3. Employees may, upon request, receive copies (at the employee’s expense) of all personnel records available for review by law.
  4. Former employees with a termination date in excess of one year do not have access to personnel file records.
  5. No document of a negative nature will be placed in any employee’s file without the employee’s knowledge. The employee may receive a copy (at the employee’s expense) of all such material upon request and will have the opportunity of entering refuting documents.
  6. Employees are allowed to have placed in their personnel file information relating to the employee’s academic and professional accomplishments. Employees are encouraged to place information of a positive nature indicating special achievements, research performance and contributions of an academic professional or civic nature in their personnel files.
  7. All information will be considered confidential and will be available only to the Board of Trustees, the President, members of the administration approved by the President, or upon subpoena request, unless the staff member so requests otherwise in writing.