3.4.1 – Direct Deposit

POLICY:  Payroll for all employees is direct deposited to a bank of the employee’s choice.


This policy applies to all Spoon River College employees.


  1. Employee arranges for checking and/or savings account with the bank of choice.
  2. Authorization for direct deposit is provided through completion of a Payroll Direct Deposit Enrollment Authorization form, which allows the payroll department to deposit employee payroll checks into a checking and/or savings account. This form is available from the Human Resources Office and is also located on S:\SRC Info\Forms Printable.  It must be completed and signed along with a voided check.
  3. The transit/ABA number represents the employee’s bank identification number. This number is printed on a check to the left of the account number.
  4. Employees that do not provide the appropriate direct deposit account information will be charged a $10 check processing fee which will be deducted from every payroll check processed.