3.4.1 – Direct Deposit

POLICY:  Payroll for all employees is directly deposited to a bank of the employee’s choice.


This policy applies to all Spoon River College employees.


  1. Employee arranges for checking and/or savings accounts with their bank of choice.
  2. Employee provides authorization for direct deposit by completing a Payroll Direct Deposit Enrollment Authorization form, or through authorization when completing onboarding paperwork.  This allows the payroll department to deposit employee payroll checks into a checking and/or savings account. This form is available from the Human Resources Office and is also located on MySRC.  The form must be completed and digitally signed.
  3. The transit/ABA number represents the employee’s bank identification number. This number is printed on a check to the left of the account number.
  4. Employees who do not provide the appropriate direct deposit account information will receive ap paper check.  All paper checks are mailed to Spoon River College from the payroll vendor and then distributed via campus mail.  If the employee is not regularly on campus the payroll department will mail the check to the address of record via United States Postal Service Delivery on the next College business day.  Please note employees who do not have direct deposit may experience a delay in receipt of payment when the College is closed on holi