3.3.19 - Paid Leave Benefit

Last updated on March 13, 2024

POLICY:  Spoon River College provides adjunct faculty and non-regularly scheduled part-time employees paid leave that can be used at employees’ discretion, consistent with the Illinois Paid Leave for All Workers Act.

SCOPE:  This policy applies to adjunct faculty, adult education instructors, commercial driver training (CDT) instructors, and non-regularly scheduled part-time employees.  Non-regularly scheduled part-time employees include employees not covered by policies 3.3.8, 3.3.9, and 3.3.14. This policy does not apply to student employees or temporary employees.

Adjunct Faculty:
12 hours of Paid Leave frontloaded per semester taught during the fiscal year.

Non-Regularly Scheduled, Part-time Employees and CDT Instructors:
28 hours of PTO frontloaded per fiscal year at the beginning of the Academic Calendar.

Adult Education Instructors:
Variable based on scheduled weekly hours.  Frontloaded per academic year.  Example: Employee works 7 hours per week, 39 weeks per year.  They will accrue 7 hours of paid leave annually.  7 times 39=273 hours worked per year.  273 divided by 40 = 6.82 (rounded up to 7) hours of paid leave. 


  1. Paid leave may be taken at the discretion of the employee.
  2. The paid leave year is concurrent with the College’s Academic year (August-December, January-May, June-July).
  3. Adjunct faculty paid leave is frontloaded at the beginning of each semester taught. Non-regularly scheduled part-time employees, CDT instructors, and adult education instructors paid leave is frontloaded at the beginning of the academic calendar.
  4. Paid leave must be taken in minimum increments of ½ hours.
  5. Paid leave must be pre-approved by the immediate supervisor prior to use. When the need for leave is foreseeable, employees shall provide seven (7) calendar days’ notice to their immediate supervisor.  When the need for leave is not foreseeable, employees must provide notice to their immediate supervisor as soon as practicable.
  6. Paid leave compensation must be appropriately reflected on hourly employee’s electronic timecard.
  7. Employees are encouraged to make requests for leave pursuant to the College’s regular time and attendance procedures.
  8. Paid leave is not considered time worked for purposes of overtime calculations
  9. Paid leave is computed at the individual’s base rate of pay.
  10. Paid leave does not carry over from fiscal year to fiscal year.
  11. Upon termination of employment, employees are not entitled to pay for unused paid leave.
  12. The College may deny the use of leave in limited circumstances to meet the College’s core operational needs for the requested time period. In such circumstances, the College will advise the employee in writing for the basis of denial.