3.3.14 – Vacation Time Benefit

POLICY:  Spoon River College provides eligible employees paid vacation leave.


This policy applies to all eligible employees including the following:


  1. The vacation year is concurrent with the College’s fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).
  2. Vacation time may not be taken until it is earned.
  3. Vacation must be pre-approved by the supervisor prior to use.
  4. Vacation pay must be appropriately reflected on the employee’s electronic timecard.
  5. Vacation pay is not considered as time worked for the purpose of overtime calculations.
  6. Vacation pay is computed at individual employee’s base rate of pay.
  7. Vacation time accrues on a per pay basis and is taken by June 30 of the following year in which it was earned.
  8. A maximum of ten (10) vacation days or equivalent hours that remain past the aforementioned deadline are converted into an equal amount of sick leave (classified employees have no limit to the number of vacation days converted into sick days). Hours exceeding the ten (10) day maximum are lost without reimbursement.For example, if a professional support employee earns 23 days per fiscal year and had 34 vacation days at the end of the fiscal year, 10 days would be rolled into sick time and 1 day would be lost.

    The President may allow exceptions to loss of vacation time in excess of the ten (10) day maximum indicated above due to special work-related projects or other compelling circumstances that may hinder an employee from taking vacation time.  The employee’s immediate supervisor must submit a request, in writing, to the President by June 1 of the benefit year in which vacation time would be lost in order for an exception to be considered.

  9. Upon termination of employment, an employee is paid the unused number of accrued vacation days, not to exceed fifty-eight (58) days.