3.3.12 – Sick Time Bank Benefit (Administrators & Professional Support)

POLICY:  Spoon River College employees may contribute to a sick leave bank that is available for eligible employees in the event of an extended illness or disability.


This policy applies to all eligible employees including the following:


  1. Eligible employees may utilize paid time off from the Sick Leave Bank, when the following criteria are met:
    1. Leave is due to a serious health condition of the employee only;
    2. All paid benefits have been exhausted by the employee;
    3. The employee has worked at SRC for a minimum of three (3) months.
  2. The Human Resources Director will administer the Sick Leave Bank.
  3. The sick leave bank may have a maximum balance of 80 days.
  4. If necessary, the Human Resources Office will request donations of sick leave benefits from employees. All donations by employees are voluntary and must be made in writing.  Human Resources will collect and tabulate donations and administer donated hours.
  5. Benefits will be paid at the receiving employees’ current rate of pay. The maximum allowance for any one eligible employee receiving sick bank benefits will be sixty (60) days per a rolling 12 months, but may not extend beyond an approved FMLA leave (for example: a full-time employee with a serious health condition in which they use 30 days of combined sick and vacation time would only be eligible for 30 days of sick bank time as the maximum leave under FMLA is 12 weeks of 60 days).
  6. NOTE: Employees in a full-time faculty or full or part-time classified position currently have sick leave bank benefits per their respective collective bargaining agreements.