3.2.5 – Jury Duty Leave

POLICY:  Employees not at work because of jury duty are granted leave with pay for maximum of (20) workdays per call to duty.


This policy applies to all eligible employees including the following:


  1. The College maintains the right to request the appropriate authority to release such personnel members from jury duty in any manner permitted by law.
  2. Employee elects either to receive payment from the county/federal agency or the College.
  3. If employee elects to receive payment from the College district, he/she must remit all payments for jury duty to the College, except money for meals and transportation.
  4. Failure to provide Human Resources with the required documentation within fifteen (15) college days of the completion of Jury Duty services will result in non-payment for the absence.


  1. Evidence in the form of written notification is presented to the employee’s supervisor upon his/her knowledge of the event.
  2. The employee reports for regular college duty when the employee’s attendance in court is not required.
  3. Employee provides the Human Resources Office with an official document from the county/federal agency that indicates the dates they attended court and the amount that they were paid per day of attendance.
  4. Employee notes jury duty in the appropriate location on their electronic timecard.