3.2.2 - Blood and Organ Donation Leave

Last updated on February 7, 2024

POLICY: In compliance with the Employee Blood and Organ Donation Leave Act 820 ILCS 149, Spoon River College allows eligible employees to leave work to donate blood or an organ.


This policy applies to full-time Spoon River College employees with a minimum of six months of continuous employment.


Organ: any biological tissue of the human body that may be donated by a living donor, including. But not limited to, the kidney, liver, lung, pancreas, intestine, bone, and skin or subpart thereof.

Participating employee: A full-time employee who has been employed at Spoon River College for a period of six months or more and who donates blood or an organ.

College Days: College Days or any references to "days" used in this policy will mean days in which the College is open for business.


  1. On request, a participating employee subject to this policy may be entitled to leave with pay to donate blood or an organ.
  2. An employee may use up to one hour to donate blood every 56 days in accordance with appropriate medical standards established by the American Red Cross, America’s Blood Centers, the American Association of Blood Banks, or other nationally recognized standards.
  3. An employee may use up to 10 days of leave in any 12-month period to serve as an organ donor.


  1. Supervisor approval is required before blood or blood platelet donation. Leave time for blood or blood platelet donation should be scheduled at a time that is practicable for both the employee and the department.  Employees are requested to provide notice of a minimum of seven (7) College days in advance.  Employees must provide documentation to their supervisor from the appropriate medical organization of blood or blood platelets donation.
  2. College approval is required prior to organ donor leave. Medical documentation must be provided to Human Resources prior to approval. Employees are requested to provide as much advance notice as possible.
  3. The employee shall accurately reflect blood or organ donation leave on their electronic timecard.