3.2.2 – Blood Donation Leave

POLICY:  In compliance with Illinois State law 820 ILCS 149, Spoon River College allows eligible employees to leave work to donate blood.


This policy applies to full-time Spoon River College employees with a minimum of six months continuous employment.


College Days: College Days or any references to “days” used in this policy will mean days in which the College is open for business.

Paid Time Off Leave:  For the purpose of this policy, paid time off leave refers to the paid time off an employee may accrue (personal time, PTO, vacation) based upon employment type and classification.


  1. Eligible employees may take up to one hour of paid time off leave every 56 days in order to donate blood (in accordance with medical standards) with advanced approval from his/her supervisor.
  2. Employee requesting time off to donate blood, may be required to provide proof of donating blood and attach to timekeeping record.


  1. Employee requests time off from supervisor a minimum of seven (7) College days in advance.
  2. Employee accurately reflects time off on electronic timecard.
  3. Employee forwards proof of donating blood to the Human Resources Office.