3.2.1 – Attendance (Employees)

POLICY:  It is the policy of Spoon River College to establish a consistent method of recording employee absences.  Consistent attendance and punctuality are considered imperative to the success of the College.  Poor attendance impacts the institution by lowering productivity, reducing student satisfaction, and impacting employee morale.


This policy applies to all Spoon River College employees.


  1. Employees are expected to report for their scheduled work hours.
  2. Absence Guidelines:
    1. Supervisors have responsibility for monitoring the attendance and punctuality of direct reports.
    2. Instances of unscheduled absence from work are considered “occurrences” for the purpose of this policy. This includes absence, tardiness, or leaving work before scheduled quitting time.  Please refer to the Discipline policy regarding discipline related to absences.
    3. An “occurrence” is defined as any day or partial day missed that does not fall into one of the following categories:
      • Vacation
      • Jury Duty
      • Leave of Absence
      • Other schedule or approved leaves where applicable
      • Bereavement Leave
      • Military Leave
      • FMLA Leave
    4. An excused, reported “occurrence” is any absence from work when the supervisor has been notified and approves absence.
    5. An unexcused, unreported “occurrence” is any absence from work when the employee does not notify the supervisor or when the absence is not approved.
    6. Spoon River College is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and any discipline or discharge will not be in violation of our EEO Policy.


  1. Reporting Absences
    1. If employee is unable to report to work, he/she must notify his/her supervisor immediately regarding absence and reason.
    2. An unscheduled, unexcused, unreported absence is grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination.
    3. All employees of Spoon River College absent from their positions on sick leave may be required, at the discretion of the College, to provide an attending physician’s certificate to verify a lengthy (more than 3 days), unusual, or frequent absence.
    4. Employees absent five (5) consecutive work days without notifying his/her supervisor (or individual in charge) are considered to have terminated his/her employment through a voluntary resignation.
  2. Recording Absences
    1. An absence approved by the immediate supervisor should be reflected on the electronic timecard.
    2. The electronic timecard is approved by the supervisor prior to submitting to Payroll.