Student Government Association

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA), which is comprised of 15 student members (9​ sophomores and 6 freshmen elected by the student body), operates within a constitution written by students. The Student Government Association occupies a key position in the college student activity program by allocating funds to various student activities, coordinating the student activity program, recognizing student organizations, establishing student committees and appointing students to SRC staff-student committees, and making recommendations to the administration in matters of concern to the entire student body.

2015-2016 Canton Student Government Officers
Shelby Lyn Postin-Vice President, Josiah Williams, Wes Ginger, Jaime Filio, Cassidy Tarter, Brendon Bauman, Jackie Heaton, and Madison Kveton - President. Not pictured is secretary Donald Knappenburger

2015-2016 Macomb Student Government Officers
Trish Taylor-President, Jennifer Reedy-Vice President, Amber Huber-Secretary





For information about student government contact,
Canton: Dr. Michael Woods at 649-6269 or Becky Leverette at 649-6234.
Macomb: Jade Powers at 833-6019.​