Men's Cross Country

Men's Cross Country

​​men's cross country team

​Spoon River College Men's Cross Country 2013 Schedule

9/6 Bradley Invitational at Peoria, IL 5:45 PM

9/27 Brissman/Lundeen Invitational at Rock Island, IL 5:45 PM

10/4 Titan Invitational at Bloomington, IL 5:30 PM

10/12 IL College Invitational at Jacksonville, IL 11:45 AM

10/24 NJCAA Region 24 at Charleston, IL 3:00 PM

Men's Cross Country Team 2013 Roster

Runner ​Photo YR ​Hometown
​Dakota Carter D Carter ​FR Delavan, IL
Dustyn Hart D Hart FR Canton
​Colton Tracey
​Zack Wilson Z Wilson FR Peoria Heights, IL
Tomas Wodzinsky​ T WodZinsky FR Mississauga, ON

​Head Coach Ron Clark

coach clark


Ron Clark will serve as the men’s and women’s cross country coach for the second year. Clark has served in a number of different capacities in his collegiate career, spanning 29 years. He also is beginning his fourth year as the Spoon River College Director of Athletics and Intramurals.


Assistant Coach : Aaron Roe

aaron roe