Booster Club

Spoon River College
Athletics Booster Club

The Spoon River College Foundation and the Spoon River College Athletic department are grateful to those individuals and organizations who provide financial support to the various athletic teams.  The generous donations financially support activities such as travel to out-of-state spring tournaments and other initiatives.

For information on how to become a member of the SRC Athletics Booster Club, contact Ronald Clark, SRC Director of Athletics and Intramurals at

2013 - 2014 Booster Club 

PLATINUM ($100 or more)

Richard and Anne Vick

Kathleen Menanteaux

Thomas E. Hymbaugh

Friends of DeAngelo Steeland

Harlan Carter

Rachel Blevins

Larry & Janet Moore

Sandra Neumann

Don & Linda Hollingsworth

Larry & Janet Moore


GOLD ($75)

John & Donita Ellsworth


SILVER ($50)

Romelle & Jason Weidler

Tim Sullivan

Cathy Neumann

Reva Anderson

Anne Wilson

March, McMillan, DeJoode & Duvall, P.C.

Mark Judy Shields

Lynn & Karen Etter

Blake Flickinger



BRONZE ($25)

Dawn Naumann

Patricia Ring

Sharon Spillman

Melissa & Jeremy Riley

Mr & Mrs Dennis Young

Lucy Woods

Cindy Slayton

Shelli Stuart-Mann

JoAnn Anderson

Randy & JoAnn Albert

David & Michelle Marfell

Russell & Wilma Rhodes