TRIO/Student Support Services Resources


student orientation

Specialized Orientation Program - TRIO students will have the opportunity to attend an orientation program that gives an overview of TRIO Student Support Services and the benefits of the program. It is a good time to meet the TRIO staff and learn about how to access program services.

Academic Enrichment Workshops - TRIO students will have opportunities to participate in a variety of workshops. Topics may include: learning styles, stress management, technology skills, financial topics, study skills, and more!

Supplemental Basic Skills Instruction - We offer extra help to students who need help with Reading, Writing, and/or Math. Students will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with our Instructional Specialists. assitant helping student

Intensive Academic Advising & Course Selection Assistance - We offer course selection assistance and advising to our participants to ensure students will meet their goals and complete their program in a timely manner. To view a complete list of course offerings and descriptions click here to see the SRC Catalog.

Individual Learning Plans - Our Project Advisor will work closely with each student to develop individual learning plans. This individualized plan will help students to identify areas that they may need extra help with, set goals, and learn new skills.

Degree, Grade, and Attendance Monitoring - We will work with participants to help them identify, understand, and monitor program requirements. We will continuously help participants audit their transcripts to ensure all program requirements are met for graduation or transfer to a four-year college.

Financial Assistance

Financial Aid Exploration and Assistance - We offer financial aid exploration and assistance to our participants by helping to identify potential funding sources and helping students apply for funding. To learn more about financial aid at SRC visit

Assistance in Completing FAFSA & Other Aid/Scholarship Forms - Our helpful staff can help TRIO students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA, and search for scholarship money. To learn more about scholarships at SRC you can the SRC Foundation Scholarship page at

Financial/Economic Literacy Education - We offer workshops for financial and economic literacy topics including: budgeting, credit score, credit cards, and student loans. Program participants can also learn about financial topics through seminars, guest speakers, and the Cash Course and Money Smart websites.

Grant Aid - Once per year, TRIO/Student Support Services awards grant aid to supplement any unmet financial need (to those who qualify).

Planning for the future

sarah and studentAdvisement on Transferring to a Four-Year College/University - We offer transfer advising to program participants who plan to attend a four-year college. We can help students to identify potential schools, check requirements for specific programs at the transfer school, assist students in the application process, and help to secure letters of reference. Currently, SRC has a partnering agreement with 9 different schools to complete a bachelor degree, visit for more details, or check out the SRC transfer page at

Campus Visits to Prospective Transfer Colleges - Program participants will have the opportunity to visit four- year colleges in the region with TRIO SSS staff. 

Career Exploration, Planning, and Advising - We offer career exploration, counseling, and advising to help students meet their career goals. TRIO students will have the opportunity to listen to speakers in their field, and complete interest inventories. TRIO/SSS staff will work with the student to help match interests and skills with a career. To learn more about Career and Technical Programs at SRC, click on the Academics tab on the SRC homepage at SRC also has a Career Services page at and a Career Exploration and Training page at


lincoln tripOff-Campus Cultural Activities - TRIO students will have the opportunity to have some fun and reduce stress by attending cultural activities including plays, musical performances, museums, and more.

Appropriate Accommodations for Students with Special Needs - Our Instructional Specialists will work with TRIO students who have special needs meet their goals. Accommodations such as: note-taking, taping of textbooks and assignments, reading textbooks and tests, and locating alternative testing sites may be implemented. The TRIO/SSS staff will work closely with SRC Disability Services to identify and accommodate special needs. For more information on disability services, visit their page at

Referrals to Local Agencies - The TRIO staff will work with students on a personal level, and offer support in the form of community resource referrals. If you need help with locating a child care provider, need food, need help with utilities, or just need someone to talk to- we can provide you with the contact information that you need for further assistance.

Printing Privileges within the TRIO-SSS Office - Exclusive for our Students, TRIO participants have the opportunity to take advantage of the free printing privileges in the TRIO office- Room 214.