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Information Technology Services

Our mission in the Spoon River College Information Technology (IT) Office ​is to provide up to date software, hardware, and staff expertise to assist in instructional simulations, web modules, and learning objects for use in the classroom, training, and more.

Our goal is to enrich the learning experience both inside and outside of the classroom.

The IT department offers many services that keep current with the trends in Higher Learning and technologies. Our staff is well versed in online learning methodologies, multimedia production, software training, hardware configurations, and distance learning technology.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I want to change my email address and password. Please help.
A. Please contact the IT Helpdesk for further instructions on the process to change your email address or password, you can call (309) 649-6381 or email the Helpdesk at

Q. How do I access the campus wireless network?
A. There is campus wide wireless connectivity at all Spoon River College (SRC) locations. To access the internet use the same credentials that are used to sign into the campus network.

Q. How do I activate my account?
A. Call the IT Helpdesk and they will give you the proper credentials to log in to your account.

Q. How can I access my SRC Email account?
A. The students email account is a Google based email, the user name and password will be given to you upon registration. Your username should be your You will be prompted after the first login to change your password.

Q. Where are the main computer labs located around the campus(s)?
A. There are computers located in the lounge/common (Cyber Cafe) areas for students use based on a first come, first serve basis. Otherwise there are several computer lab classrooms that are available for students use while the classrooms are open.

Q. How do I add funds to my SRC ID card?
A. The SRC ID card brings the convenience of electronic cash for on campus purchases. Add cash value to your card at any time through the Canton Bookstore, Macomb Business Office, Havana Front Desk, and the Rushville Front Desk. The SRC ID card may be used to purchase food at the Canton cafeteria and designated vending machines on all campus locations.

Q. How do I print off of the computers at SRC?
A. For all printing and copying services on campus your SRC ID is required. For printing services the SRC ID card print release stations are located adjacent to each of the college printers, these devices control the process. Students are charged 10 cents per printed surface. For copying services your SRC ID card will be charged 10 cents per copy.

Q. What happens if my SRC ID card is lost/stolen?
A. Employees and students should inform the SRC Library immediately at (309) 649-6208 if the card is lost or stolen. Although the first card is free, the replacement fee is $15. The college is not responsible for any loss of cash value on lost/stolen SRC ID card. Once a new card is created any remaining balance from the old card will be transferred to the new card and the old card will no longer be valid for purchases.

Q. Can I access the wireless network from my mobile phone or tablet?
A. Yes, you can access the campus wireless network using a mobile phone or tablet. First you will need to open up a internet browser and agree to the SRC usage terms and use your name to login to the SRC security page.


Student IT Resources


Our goal is to meet the technological needs of students', faculty, and staff by offering a variety of services and assistance to make your experience at Spoon River College enjoyable.

This page is designed to introduce you to different services and resources to help you prepare for your course studies.

Our services include:

  1. Prompt assistance with any technical question, issue, or concern via the ITS help desk.

  2. Access to computers, printing, copying, and scanning at the computer resource centers.

  3. Campus-wide secure wireless network access.

  4. Computer classrooms with build-in instructional technologies.

  5. Access to a variety of software packages at no charge, or at a discount.

SRC does not provide support for non-college-owned technology such as, but not limited to, mobile phones, computers, tablets or other computing devices. However, there are a number of software applications and tools that you may find beneficial listed on this site. Many of these applications and tools are free, but please be aware there may be costs involved when installing and/or upgrading some of these applications and tools.

The IT Office and SRC are not responsible for any purchase costs associated with these applications and tools. The IT Office and SRC do not support or take responsibility for any changes or damages to personal computing devices/technology that may occur as a result of the installation and/or use of any software applications and tools mentioned on this site.

IT Helpdesk

Regular Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 7:30am - 5:30pm
Friday: 7:30am - 4:30pm

Canton Campus: Taylor Hall Room T107
Macomb Campus:


Phone: (309) 649-6381