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Students who are experiencing difficulty keeping up with the coursework in their classes may be eligible for help provided by a tutor, personal or academic counseling, or support material. The Academic Success Centers on the Canton and Macomb campuses provide assistance to help students “catch up” and improve their study skills so that they can complete their course successfully.

Our peer tutors are carefully selected students who have successfully completed the courses in which they tutor and enjoy working with other students. In addition, all peer tutors complete a “tutor training” session to help them learn the best techniques for working with students.

Our professional tutors hold bachelor’s degrees and can tutor in a variety of subjects. They can also assist students with studying techniques, assessing learning styles, improving time management, test anxiety, using research sources, career planning, and job searches.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is available for students who cannot access tutoring at one of the Academic Success Centers due to distance, time or availability of tutors. Students may contact either the Writing Tutor or Math & Science Tutor via the online tutoring links in My SRC.

  • Login to My SRC
  • Click on the My Services tab
  • Click on Student in the left menu
  • Click on Online Writing Tutor or Online Math-Science Tutor

Student Success Coaches

The Student Success Coaches serve as advocates who will make sure that students are aware of and have access to all services, including academic support, as well as referral to college and community resources so that you have every opportunity to be successful in pursuing your educational goals. Students often have to deal with non-academic issues in their lives. Our Student Success Coaches can talk with you about your concerns (such as work, childcare, housing, relationships, time management, etc.), identify possible solutions and/or refer you to resources. Student Success Coaches are also trained to assist you with learning new studying strategies, overcoming test anxiety, and designing academic and career goals.

Study Groups

Study groups are one of the best ways to study and learn material! They give you the opportunity to share notes, find new strategies for studying, review for exams, and form friendships with others in your classes. We will be visiting many classes during the semester to set up study groups, but if we miss your class and you’d like to start or join a study group, come see us and we’ll make the arrangements for you!

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