Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Early Alert System

The goal of the Academic Success Center (ASC) is to improve the quality, consistency, and availability of academic support services to students. As part of this initiative, faculty complete student referrals to help students get the services they need and promote retention.

When should I complete a student referral?

At the beginning of the semester, faculty will be receiving a list of students who have already been identified through COMPASS testing as at-risk students. The Student Success Coach will be monitoring progress of the identified at-risk students 3 times during the semester. A reminder will be sent to you to fill out the referral form at 3 weeks, 8 weeks, and 14 weeks. This form may also be completed at any time during the semester that you think the student requires additional intervention and services. This form should be completed online (click on the button at top of this page). An update will be sent to the referring faculty member after a Student Success Coach meets with the referred student.

What factors determine that a student is “at-risk”?

At-risk students are defined using a variety of factors including but not limited to work status, family status, income level, first generation college student, previous academic performance, and a physical, mental or learning disability.

Can I refer any student?

Throughout the course of the semester, faculty may feel that other students would benefit from enhanced services provided by the Academic Success Center and may refer potential at-risk students not previously designated. This form should be completed online by logging into TutorTrac​

How do I create a student referral?

Instructions for creating a student referral can be found by logging into My SRC, clicking on the Faculty tab, and then on Student Referrals in the left menu.

Proctoring Services


For students who missed an exam, are taking an online exam or have special needs for testing, the ASC provides accommodations. ​Faculty can direct these requests to ASC staff and they will proctor the exam for a student or class based on the requirements set by the instructor.

In the Classroom

There are also situations where a faculty member may need an exam proctored in the classroom during normal class time. Please schedule in advance to ensure available of an ASC staff member.

In-a-Pinch Workshops

Success Coaches also provide 'In-a-pinch’ services to faculty who will be absent from class and cannot cancel. In those situations, coaches have gone into those classrooms and provided workshop information on a chosen topic, provided faculty-designated instruction to the student, or proctored exams where appropriate. ​


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