About The Academic Success Center (ASC)

The Academic Success Center (ASC) supports all Spoon River College students, regardless of their academic preparation. The ASC provides an effective and inviting learning environment where students can find tutoring, Student Success Coaches, receive information on online tutoring, a quiet, comfortable place to study and/or referral resources for problems such as transportation, child care, etc. The ASC was developed as an initiative of the Spoon River College Title III program.

Goal of the Academic Success Center

The goal of ASC is to improve the quality, consistency, and availability of academic support services to students such as study rooms and computers. Specifically, the Center strives to:
  1. Provide a learning environment and network of support services that promotes educational opportunity for each college learner.

  2. Enhance the retention of students and successful completion of the students’ educational goals.

  3. Develop in each learner the skills and attitudes necessary for the attainment of academic, career, and life-long goals.

The Academic Success Center (ASC) serves to empower all students to achieve academic and personal goals through a comprehensive college-wide support network of academic tutoring, workshops, individual appointments, group study sessions and advising. The ASC maintains collaborative relationships across campus, supports the instructional objectives of the faculty, and advances the educational and retention efforts of Spoon River College. The ASC team values a service-oriented program with a caring personal approach.​​​



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