ID Card

ID sampleAn ID Card is required for all printing and copying on cam​pus. Cards may be acquired at the Canton LRC, Macomb LRC and Rushville and Havana Centers.

Students are able use their cards in the Canton Cafeteria, Campus Bookstores and selected vending machines.

Money can be put on the cards in the Canton and Macomb Bookstores as well as at the Havana and Rushville Centers.

Visit the following businesses with your student ID for discounts!

Canton Business Discounts

  • Canton Family Restaurant (Free drink with purchase)
  • Canton Family Video (Get 1 free $1.00 movie with new release)
  • Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins (10% discount to staff and students with ID badge)
  • Linn Lanes ($2.75 per game and $1.25 shoe rental)
  • Mel’s Sporting Goods (20% off regular priced items)
  • Monical's Pizza (10% off order dine in or carry out. Not valid in combination with other offers.)
  • Papa John’s Pizza (Large 2 topping pizza & 2 liter of Pepsi $10.99, carryout only)
  • Pizza Hut (10% off on any regular item)
  • Canton Goodwill (20% off purchase every Thursday of the month)
  • Canton Family YMCA
    • School Year Membership ()
      $90 year + $25 Life Center = $115
    • Semester Only ()
      $60 semester + $15 Life Center = $75
    • Christmas Break ()
      $25 + $5 Life Center = $30
    • Summer Break ()
      $50 + $10 Life Center = $60

Macomb Business Discounts

  • Digger's College City Bowling (Rock n' Bowl -  Tuesday night $6.00 includes shoe rental from 10PM – 12PM Rock n' Bowl Begins August) 30th) (Thursday night special $5.00 includes shoe rental 4PM - 6PM. **Discount is for all ages and does not require ID)
  • Lil' Stitches (10% off on complete order)
  • Max & Molly's Bistro (10% off regular entrée; no discount on specials)
  • Macomb Family Video (1 free dollar rental with new release rental)
  • Rialto Cinemas ($5 Admission all day on Wednesdays)
  • Macomb Hy-Vee Store (10% off groceries and 5 cents off each gallon of gasoline)
  • Macomb Goodwill (20% off purchase every day the month of August and after August every  Thursday of the month)

Rushville Business Discounts

  • Pizza Unlimited (Free drink with large salad bar)
  • Los Charros (10% off order excludes alcohol)

Havana Business Discounts

  • Grandpa's Cafe (10% off order)

SRC Student ID Card Policy and Procedures:

It is the policy of Spoon River College (SRC) to require photo identification (ID) cards for all employees and students of the College in order to facilitate safety and security and to improve access to college services.

  1. The SRC ID Card is the property of Spoon River College. The Canton Learning Resources Center (LRC or Library), is responsible for the overall production and distribution of the official ID card for Spoon River College. The LRC staff adheres to this policy to govern the production and distribution of the SRC ID Card.
  2. ID cards may not be transferred or altered.
  3. All college employees are required to obtain and wear their ID card at all times while on campus. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. NOTE: The photograph on the identification card may be used for the College’s online employee directory; however, this photo will not be used for that purpose without the employee’s consent.
  4. Students are required to carry their ID cards at all times while on campus.
  5. Students must show their ID card upon request by Spoon River College officials performing their duties that identify themselves and state the reason for their request. Failure or resistance on the part of the student to produce a valid student ID may result in disciplinary action.
  6. The electronic cash on a lost or stolen SRC ID Card may not recoverable. Therefore, the card should be treated as cash and kept in a secure place at all times. The ID card holder should not loan their cards to anyone at any time.
  7. Unauthorized use warrants confiscation and/or disciplinary action.
  8. Cash withdrawals and credit card reimbursements from the SRC ID Card debit accounts are not permitted.
  9. Deactivating ID Cards:
    1. Accounts will be closed automatically when:
      1. A student is no longer a registered student; or
      2. After an employee’s last date of employment with the College;
    2. Any remaining balance in accounts automatically closed may be forfeited to the College.
    3. Accounts with no activity over a 24-month period are considered inactive. Inactive accounts will be terminated regardless of balance.
  10. Lost/Stolen ID Cards: Employees or students should contact the Canton LRC immediately at (309) 649-6208 if their card is lost or stolen. Although the initial card is free, the replacement fee for lost or stolen cards is $15. Since the ID cards can store electronic cash, cards should be treated as cash and kept in a secure place. The College is not responsible for any loss of cash value on the ID card from a lost or stolen ID card. Once a new ID card has been created, the existing cash balance will be transferred from the old card to the new one and the old card will no longer be valid for purchases.
  11. ID Card Uses/Benefits: SRC ID Card provides the combined functionality of identification, purchasing, printing, copying and a library card all in one card.
    1. Identification: The Official College Identification Card is required for all students and employees and may be used for identification in any of the following:
      1. As a common means by which departments can identify individuals. It is also used instead of a social security number (for example, student billing);
      2. To attend college events (for example, sporting events);
      3. To access to other college related functions.
    2. Purchasing: The SRC ID Card brings the convenience of electronic cash for on campus
      1. Add cash value to your card at any of the locations below:
        Canton: Bookstore
        Macomb: Business Office
        Havana: Front desk
        Rushville: Front desk
      2. Purchase food at the Canton cafeteria and designated vending machines.
    3. Printing:
      1. Spoon River College provides students with laser printing capabilities in the Canton LRC, computer laboratories and Macomb LRC. SRC ID Card print release stations, located adjacent to each of the college printers, control the process. Students are charged 10 cents per printed surface.
      2. Employees may access network printers without using an ID card (per the Technology and Network Services Policy).
    4. Copying:
      1. Spoon River College provides students with copying capabilities in the Canton LRC, Macomb LRC and the front desks in Havana and Rushville Centers. Swipe card equipment located on the copiers control the process. Students are charged 10 cents per copy.
      2. Employees may access copiers at any College site by swiping their ID card. Cost of copying will be charged to the individual department’s copy budget.
    5. Library Card: The barcode on the back of an ID card allows the card to also serve as an SRC library card.
  12. SRC ID Disclosures:
    1. Card Holder Agreement (General Terms and Conditions): The following terms and conditions will govern the use of the SRC ID Card account:
      1. The SRC ID Card is an identification (ID) card with a debit function used by SRC students and employees.
      2. The SRC ID Card debit account is non-interest bearing.
      3. Only the person pictured on the card is authorized to spend money from that account.
      4. Spoon River College reserves the right to change the account terms and conditions at any time. If a change reduces limits or restricts the account holder’s rights under the terms and conditions, the College will give at least twenty (20) calendar days notice by mail. However, if an immediate change is necessary for security reasons, the College may first make the change and then notify the account holder.
      5. Spoon River College reserves the right to utilize any and all data and images for official college business.
      6. To receive an ID card, individuals must be an active SRC student or employee.
      7. Use of the ID card constitutes acceptance of the policies contained within the cardholder agreement.
    2. All individuals requesting a SRC ID Card must complete and sign a SRC ID Card Agreement Form. Completion of this form constitutes an acknowledgement of the card holder’s rights and responsibilities with respect to their official college identification card.
  13. Refunds:
    1. Cash withdrawals and credit card reimbursements from the SRC ID Card debit accounts are not permitted.
    2. Refunds by check are mailed if:
      1. A written request is received by the Canton Business Office and the account holder graduates, withdraws or is dismissed from the College, and/or terminates employment, and
      2. Refunds will be processed for the account balance minus a $10 closing fee. Checks will be issued only if a refund amount is greater than $5. You are encouraged to spend the remaining account balance to avoid the closing fee.
    3. Refund checks are written in the name of the account holder and mailed to the current address on file in the Records Office for students or Human Resources Office for employees.
  14. Fees:
    1. There is no charge for the first ID card issued to an employee or student. ID validation each year is NOT necessary as status verification is accessed from the College's database system.
    2. There is no transaction fee for purchase transactions.
    3. There is no transaction fee for deposit.
    4. There is a $10 refund processing fee (see Refund section above).
    5. A replacement fee of $15 for lost or stolen cards must be paid prior to issuance of a replacement ID Card. If the card is defective at no fault of the user, the replacement fee may be waived.
    6. There is a $30 return check fee.


  1. Acquiring an SRC ID Card:
    1. Employees: Employees may acquire an SRC ID Card at the Canton or Macomb Campuses or at the Havana or Rushville Centers. New employees are required to acquire an ID card upon hire.
    2. Students: At the beginning of each semester, the College will host events at each site where students will be able to get their first ID card. Throughout the semester, students can still obtain their SRC ID card at the following sites:
      *Canton: LRC – 2nd Floor Centers Building
      *Macomb: LRC
      *Havana: Front Desk
      *Rushville: Front Desk
      Students must be admitted for the current semester in which they are requesting an ID.
    3. All card applicants must provide one of the following acceptable forms of valid identification:
      *State Issued Driver’s License
      *State Issued ID card
      *US Passport
  2. Depositing Funds onto the ID Card: Currency deposits of a minimum of $5 may be made at the following locations:
    *Canton: Bookstore
    *Macomb: Business Office
    *Havana: Front desk
    *Rushville: Front desk
  3. Questions on Deposits or Charges to a Cardholder Account and Error Resolution Procedures: If the account holder believes there is a discrepancy with a charge to the account, the department that processed the transaction should be contacted within thirty (30) calendar days. Questions regarding deposits made on an account need to be brought to the attention of the Business Office during normal business hours.
    If there is a discrepancy on an account, the request to review the account must be in writing. The account holder will be requested to include the account holder name and the account number, describe the transaction in question and clearly explain the discrepancy and indicate the date and the dollar amount of the transaction. The department reviewing the discrepancy will notify the account holder in writing of any corrective measures put in place. Any errors found through the investigation will be immediately corrected.