Important Dates for Spring 2019

Important Dates for Summer 2019

October 15, 2018: Online Registration for Returning Students.

November 1, 2018: Face-to-Face Registration New and Returning Students.

April 1, 2019: Financial Aid Guarantee

April 29 - June 6, 2019: Charge to Bookstore

May 1, 2019: Payment Due

May 1, 2019: Last day to Add Classes

June 3, 2019: First Day of Classes

June 3, 2019: New Student Orientation Online

June 7, 2019: Drop Classes for 100% Refund

July 25, 2019: All Rental Textbooks Due

Important Dates for Fall 2019

March 15, 2019: Online Registration for Returning Students Opens.

April 1, 2019: Face-to-Face Registration Opens for New and Returning Students.

June 13, 2019: Financial Aid Guarantee

August 1, 2019: Payment Due

Canton and Macomb Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Bookstore Contact Information

Canton: (309)649-6295
Macomb: (309)833-6012
Havana: (309)543-4413
Rushville: (217)322-6060


Online Bookstore - Buying & Rentals 

Remember, some grants and financial aid allow you to charge classroom supplies and apply money to your SRC ID Cards! We ask that in order to expedite all book sales or rentals, students have their College issued student ID ready to present at the time of sale.

Students charging books against Financial Aid: It is important that you pick up all books that you need for the semester before the first end of charging date for the semester. Some agencies only allow for one billing and this will ensure that we are able to get needed materials in your hands.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


The Bookstore provides required textbooks and classroom supplies for students. The Bookstore sells textbooks for courses for which the instructors have required or made optional. We also carry convenience​ items, add money to your student or staff ID card and gift cards.​ Used books are available when possible. There are currently three ways in which you may purchase books:

  1. You may come to the Bookstore with a copy of your schedule. Select books yourself, or a member of the Bookstore staff will be happy to help you when possible.
  2. You may call the Bookstore to have your books shipped to you. You must use a credit card to pay for phone orders. Shipping charges will be added to your order.
  3. You may buy your books online bookstore!

If you will be charging your books to a grant or scholarship, you may begin doing this one week before the day that classes begin.

Buy Back Policy: The Spoon River College Bookstore conducts textbook buy back at the end of each term during final exams. Because of the staggered starting and ending times of classes, buy back will be conducted for each class on its final day of instruction. Books being returned must be in salable condition. Proof-of-purchase is NOT necessary to return books during buy back. The bookstore reserves the right to issue cash, or mail the student a check, at their discretion, for all books they buy back.

Return Policy: Proof-of-purchase must accompany ALL returns. The bookstore reserves the right to issue cash, or mail the student a check, at their discretion, for all returns.

  • If a class is cancelled: Students will receive a full refund on books that are in salable condition. This means new books must be unmarked and undamaged in any way. Books shrink-wrapped with manuals, CD ROM, and/or software must be returned un-opened in order to receive full credit. Used books must be in salable condition. Workbooks, lab manuals, and study guides, which have been written in, cannot be returned at any time.
  • If a class is dropped: Refunds will be determined on the basis of the college's current tuition refund policy.​

Bookstore Refunds: Books may only be returned for refunds during their appropriate charge periods. All returns must be accompanied by a receipt.

Printing Services

Stop by the bookstore for your copying, printing, laminating needs or you can email​​


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