Where to Start

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I'm nervous about going back to school. Where do I start?

andreabonnieWelcome! I am Andrea White and I am Bonnie Swedell and we are your Plus 50 Academic Advisors.

Email: andrea.white@src.edu Phone: 309-649-6305

Email: bonnie.swedell@src.edu Phone: 309-833-6025


Completion is the key to opening new doors. Going back to school and earning your college degree or certificate paves the way to opportunities for new jobs and career advancement. We are here to help you get started, to support you along the way, and to celebrate with you when you achieve your academic certificate or degree. We know you have lots of questions and we look forward to speaking with you. However, in the meantime, we invite you to read about our answers to those questions we get asked the most. We are excited for you to begin!