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How can the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate Program benefit me?

AndreaHi, I'm Andrea Barbknecht and the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate program is my responsibility. Let me explain how it works and how YOU might benefit from earning YOUR certificate.

Many businesses today are using additional screening tools to determine what type of employee they want to interview for a job. One of those "tools" comes from ACT, the same national company which facilitates college entrance and other workforce examinations. SRC offers three ACT products:

(1) Over 45 Spoon River College district residents have obtained new jobs within the past two years as a result of the National Career Readiness program we offer. Several of them are over 50 years of age!

Best of all at SRC, we have Employability Skills Centers located at our Outreach Centers in Canton and Macomb and at our Havana and Rushville sites. You can make an appointment with us by calling (309) 647-6260 and we can help you do career searches, offer skill development, assist you in resume preparation, or work with you one-on-one to upgrade your technology or computer skills.

KeyTrain is a computer-based study and test preparation course for the Math, Locating Information, and Reading for Information WorkKeys tests. (2) WorkKeys is a series of tests which prove that a person has reached a specified level of success. (3) The National Career Readiness Certificate proves that a person has completed the testing process and is eligible for approximately 85% (or more depending on the scores) of the entry level jobs in the United States.