-Computer Classes for ages 50 plus...FREE

Thanks to Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity’s Eliminate the Digital Divide Program, Spoon River College is able to offer our technology classes at no charge to those in our “Plus 50” program. Class sizes are small, and taught at an unhurried pace.  Students can complete all three classes and receive a certificate of completion. The next series of classes starts January 11th in Havana, January 16th in Macomb and January 18th in Canton.  The courses offered through the program are:
COMPUTER SKILLS FOR THE NOVICE - This class teaches computer basics such as using the mouse and starting up/shutting down the computer. Students learn how a computer is organized, how to create files and folders, and gain tips that will make them less hesitant about technology.
FINDING INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET - The Internet is full of resources, but where to start? Students will learn how to search to find the information they need online.
EMAILING MADE EASY - Staying in touch with family and friends is important and using email is the key. The class teaches students how to create a new email account or gain tips on how to use an existing one. Students learn how to compose, send, reply, and forward email at a slow, comfortable pace. 
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