-Upcoming Community Outreach Classes...

Upcoming Community Outreach Classes

“Point & Shoot” Digital Photography
Learn how to use your digital camera and basic photography lessons.

“SLR” Digital Photography
Learn how to use the features of your Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera.

Advanced SLR Digital Photography
This class is an excellent follow up with more details following the SLR Digital Photography class.

Adobe Photoshop
This is a basic course for those just starting with photo editing software.

Microsoft Word 2010 (Level I)
Gain the skills needed to create and edit word processing documents.

Microsoft Word 2010 (Level II)
You know the basics…now learn about inserting shapes and art, tracking changes, mailings, etc…

Microsoft Word 2010 (Level III)
Even more about word…Define new bullets, set tabs, change defaults, add hyperlinks, and more.

Employability Skills Centers
Assistance for those looking to obtain a job, change careers, or seeking career advancement.

Food Service Certification
This is the 15 hour certification class for students seeking certification in food service.

Food Service Recertification
This is the 5 hour refresher course for those who need recertification.

Microsoft Excel 1010 (Level I)
Learn a few basics like selecting cells, using fill handle, moving cell contents, and basic formulas.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Gain the skills needed to create professional presentations.

Microsoft Outlook 2010
Learn the basics and new shortcuts with this email program.

Introduction to Facebook
This is an introductory course for newer Facebook users.

Introduction to iPad
This is an introductory course for those new to using an iPad or for those considering purchasing one.

Microsoft Access 2010
Learn how to use this database management system to store and maintain large amounts of data.​