-SRC 2013 Employee Campaign raises $18,500.

The Spoon River College Foundation – which was established in 1979 to support the College’s Mission and its students – expands a quarter of a million dollars annually on programs, facilities, and scholarships. To fund these endeavors, the Foundation hosts a number of annual fundraising campaigns and events throughout the year. One of these is the Employee Campaign, which encourages all SRC employees to make a payroll deduction or to give a one-time gift to the Foundation.
Foundation coordinator Emily Gillett announced that this year’s Employee Campaign resulted in 60% of the employees contributing for a total of $18,500.
The 2013 Employee Campaign began with a small box of Wheaties cereal – with a picture of SRC President Curtis Oldfield wearing an Olympic jersey on the front – being placed in every employee’s mailbox, and ended with Olympic Games SRC Style for employees as a way for the Foundation to show their appreciation. 
“The entire premise behind the employee campaign is to help our students,” said Gillett.  “The employees who contribute to the campaign understand the importance of what we do, and I think it is great that they support our mission so generously.”
Employees can specify where they want their contributions to go and many choose to give to the scholarship fund.  Long-time SRC employee Chad Murphy has been a generous supporter of the Foundation for many years.
“I give to the Foundation because it’s an investment,” said Murphy. “It’s an investment in the future of Spoon River College and our ability to do even more for the communities we serve. It’s an investment in our students and their ability to reach their goals and change their lives. It’s an investment in education – the key to everyone’s future.”
For more information about the Spoon River College Foundation or how to donate contact Emily Gillett at (309) 833-6039 or visit www.src.edu and click on the Foundation and Alumni tab.
More pictures of the SRC Olympic Games can be viewed on the Spoon River College Facebook page.