-Dominick...Plus 50 Success Story

Plus 50 Success Story
Sometimes you just have to “turn onto the highway and step on the accelerator” to reach your destination. Dominick, 53, had a successful career working in the same field with the same company for over 25 years. Then, suddenly, his company was purchased by another firm and Dominick’s position as general manager was eliminated. He searched for jobs in his field. He searched for jobs outside his field. But the days of unemployment turned into months. Dominick, however, did not give up hope. He and his wife decided that Dominick might benefit from going back to school at Spoon River College. He looked into the Commercial Driver Training program at SRC, applied in December of 2011, received funding assistance through the Workforce Investment Act, and within six months, Dominick earned his certificate and is now on his own “road to success” in the trucking industry.  Dominick has expressed his appreciation for all the support he received in his pursuit of a new career and has now agreed to sit on the Plus 50 Advisory Committee to… as he puts it… “help others like me.”