-SRC to Survey Businesses Regarding Training Needs


A short electronic survey will be sent to over 600 businesses within the Spoon River College district on Monday, February 10 to ascertain what employee trainings are most beneficial to west central Illinois business and industry.  Responses will be examined and evaluated to determine future trainings offered through the college’s Office of Community Outreach. 

The survey seeks information regarding employee training needs including critical core, computer, management, manufacturing, safety/OSHA, and professional/technical skills.  Time required for completing the survey averages 10 minutes. 

“Knowing what skills our district employers’ require of their employees enables Spoon River College to offer the right training at the right time,” said Velvet Powell, Director of Community Outreach.  “We want to help grow the economic development of our region by providing a workforce that can meet the growing needs of local businesses.”

Trainings will enable the region to build and maintain a stronger, more viable workforce for current or potential businesses. As a result, the list of needs will also be shared with district Chambers of Commerce and economic development organizations.

For more information, contact Stephanie Howerter at (309) 647-6368 or Erin Orwig at (309) 833-6032.