Technology & Computer Skills

Technology & Computer Skills

We offer a variety of short term technology classes. Sample topics include Basic Computers, Microsoft Excel, Digital Photography, QuickBooks, and more. Introductory as well as advanced level courses are available. All technology classes are taught using Microsoft Office software.  Consultations available for $15/hr! Go to Classes & Events to view our scheduled offerings.

Some of our Technology Classes Include:

The Basics of Your Computer Learn basics such as using the mouse and starting up/shutting down your computer. Discover how the computer is organized, how to create, save, copy, rename files, and much more. Join this open enrollment class to gain the skills you need to be productive on a personal computer.

The Basics of the Internet A wealth of information is at your fingertips! Learn to search the World Wide Web and gain tips about using secure sites, saving sites as Favorites, and using the History. Using Internet Explorer, you will be ready to surf on your own in no time.

The Basics of Email Whether you need help in creating a new email account or to gain tips on how to use your existing one, this open enrollment class is for you! You’ll learn how to compose, send, reply, and forward email. Get started communicating online with your family and friends now!

Microsoft Word Level I In this course, you will gain the skills to create and edit word processing documents. Topics include formatting and selecting text; using cut, copy, and paste; using the spell check and thesaurus; inserting clip art and word art; aligning and indenting text; creating columns, borders, headers, and footers; creating labels and envelopes by using a mail merge; and much more!

Microsoft Word Level II Once you know the basics of Word, go on to master such things as inserting shapes and smart art, tracking changes, mailings…and much more!

Microsoft Excel Level I Topics include selecting cells, using the fill handle and moving cell contents; basic formulas; formatting cells; charting; relative and absolute cell referencing; performing calculations between worksheets; freezing panes; filtering; using Word to create a mail merge for labels and envelopes, and more!

Microsoft Excel Level II If you know the basics of Excel, learn more about creating formulas, using functions, making charts, working with multiple worksheets…and much more! Bring your questions!

Microsoft PowerPoint Use PowerPoint to share information with an audience in a visual manner. Create professional slideshows using colorful themes, animations, graphics, and text, customized to serve your needs!

Microsoft Publisher Use Publisher to create professional-looking marketing and informational materials. You’ll learn how to use this software to create your own brochures, flyers, invitations, business cards… and more!

Introduction to Facebook You can use Facebook to stay connected! Do you want to communicate with your children & grandchildren? Do you want to see what’s going on with your friends, send someone a birthday greeting, or even find a friend from high school? This is an introductory course for newer Facebook users. Topics include: setting up a Facebook account, changing your privacy settings, creating and commenting on posts, how to find friends, how to “like” comments and events, and also how to upload pictures, videos, and more.

SLR Digital Photography This class is designed for the student who uses a Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera with interchangeable lenses. (This class is NOT designed for the point and shoot camera.) This class will teach you how to understand all the various settings, including ISO, correct aperture and shutter speed. This is an excellent class for anyone wishing to purchase their first SLR camera, or the beginner using their new camera. If you are interested in learning to take professional photographs, this class might be for you!

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coker teaching photography
Digital Photography class with Bob Coker

Havana plus 50 tech class
"Plus 50" Technology Classes