About Us

About Us

The Spoon River​ College Office of Community Outreach offers a variety of classes, seminars, workshops, and events that enhance personal and professional development as well as promotes lifelong learning opportunities. Classes and seminars are offered both day and evening in short intervals. Most seminars do not include tests, homework or commitment beyond attendance and participation.

We offer courses in a variety of program areas including:  Business Solutions & Training, Career Exploration & Training, Retirees & Plus 50 Programs, Online Education, Personal Development & Interests, Professional Development & Licensure, Technology & Computer Skills, and Youth Education.

The Office of Community Outreach also provides institutional advancement programs, fundraising solicitations, rental of state-of-the-art meeting and conference space, and many other activities within the community.

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 Department Data

​The Office of Community Outreach serves many students each year. The below table shows our headcount by semester and year.
Spring Summer Fall
2009 1230​ 454​ ​1245
2010 1333​ 517​ 1035​
2011 ​1902 826​ 1823
2012 ​1949 808​ 1772
2013​ 1851​ 761​ 1054​
​2014 ​In Progress
The below table shows the number of offerings provided by the Office of Community Outreach.
Fiscal Years Total Number of Offerings​
​2009/2010 ​370
2010/2011​ ​362
2011/2012​ ​438
​2012/2013 ​453
​2013/2014 ​In Progress
Other Data
56.17% of our students are female
Our average student age is 55


Lori is busy at work selling the Foundations popular
"Taste of Traditions" cookbook".

Carol Davis welcomes a group of retirees to
Spoon River College.