Retirees Leading Initiative

Retirees Leading Initiative

In 2005, with the help of a grant from the Retirement Research Foundation in Chicago, Spoon River College established the Retirees Leading Initiative. Since it's creation, the program has offered many Retirees Leadership Academies in Canton and Havana with Retirement Learning Institutes being held in Canton, Macomb, and Havana.

The Retirees Leading Initiative objectives include (1) increasing the number of trained and knowledgeable retiree leaders for the community; (2) creating a volunteer and/or employment base for economic and community development; (3) initiating institutes of learning in retirement presented to and by retirees; and (4) providing a network of experienced individuals who will provide guidance to the community’s businesses, service organizations, and educational institutions. All program work is guided by an advisory panel representing area civic, business, and organizational entities.

Graduates of the Retirees Leading Initiative have participated in the following programs:

The Retirement Learning Institute takes place each fall and spring at the SRC Canton campus, each fall at the SRC Macomb campus and each spring at both the Rushville and Havana campuses. Over 300 retirees are served each year through these institutes created FOR retirees BY retirees.

The Generations Connect Project brings together retirees and at-risk youth from the Fulton-Schuyler Regional Office of Education. They work collaboratively on many projects and learn to appreciate their individual gifts, challenges, and experiences.

Spoon River Reads, formerly the Big Read, is a literacy project supported by the Spoon River College Foundation. Each year's selection has various community​ programs designed to correlate with the novel.  This years selection is ​​The Grapes of Wrath written by John Steinbeck. 

Upcoming Dates to Save

March 14, 2014, Havana Retirees Learning Institute
November 7, 2014, Macomb Retirees Learning Institute 

Retirees Leading Initiative Classes

​Canton, Fall 2013

Canton, Spring 2013

Canton, Fall 2012
Havana, Fall 2012
Canton, Fall 2011
Havana, Fall 2011
Canton, Spring 2011

Havana, Fall 2010

Canton, Fall 2010


Canton, Spring 2009


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