About the Foundation

SRC foundation banner The SRC Foundation was officially incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in the spring of 1979 with nine Board of Directors: John B. Windsor, Al Cooper, Jack Stites, Otto Stephenitch, Edward Walker, Walter Karrick, James Montague, Paul C. Gianini, and Lowell B. Fisher. Its original purpose was "to support the general welfare of Spoon River College by the solicitation and receipt of grants, endowments, and other funds and the allocation of these funds to the college for educational, service, capital, and other institutional needs." It received its 501(c)3 designation from the Internal Revenue Service later that fall.

While times have changed and the college has grown to support an additional campus in Macomb, centers in Rushville and Havana, and Community Outreach Centers in Macomb and downtown Canton, the intent of the Foundation remains the same. Today, the Foundation Board of Directors represents the entire 1,566 square miles of Illinois Community College District 534 which includes portions of Fulton, Schuyler, McDonough, Knox, and Mason counties.

A copy of the Foundation’s current By-Laws may be found in the Foundation Reports section of the website.

Foundation Board of Directors

Alan Acheson
Alan Acheson, Rushville
Director, 2019/2022

Brendon Bauman
Brendon Bauman, Fairview
Director, 2020/2023

bruce beal
Bruce C. Beal, Canton
Immediate Past Chair

Randy Bell 
Randy Bell, Havana
Director, 2018/2021

Dr. Ren Bleem
Dr. Renold Bleem, Havana
Director, 2020/2023

Daryle Coleman
Daryle Coleman, Cuba
Treasurer, 2019/2022

Mitch Coonradt
Mitch Coonradt, Canton
Chair, 2018/2021

Steve Hopper
Steve Hopper, Macomb
Vice Chair, 2019

denise kirgan
Denise Kirgan, Maquon
Secretary, 2019/2022

zachary maher
Zachary Maher, London Mills
Director, 2019/2022

Staci Mayall
Staci Mayall, Canton
Director, 2020/2023

phillip murphy
Phillip Murphy, Canton
Trustee Representative

dr. sarah phipps
Dr. Sarah Phipps, Norris
Director, 2019/2022

Nick Tinsman
Nicholas Tinsman, Canton
Director, 2020/2023

 dan voorhis
Dan Voorhis, Macomb
Director, 2020


Non Voting Members:

Colin Davis

Colin Davis
Foundation Executive Director
(309) 649-6395

Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray
SRC Fiscal Officer
(309) 649-6265

Lori Murphy

Lori Murphy
Foundation Senior Office Assistant
(309) 649-6260

Curt Oldfield

Curt Oldfield
SRC President
(309) 649-6201

Contact Us

Mailing Address:
Spoon River College Foundation
23235 N. County Hwy 22
Canton, IL 61520

Additional Contact Information:

Phone (309) 649-6260

Fax: (309) 649-6215