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1098-T Information

Spoon River College students may elect to view and print their IRS 1098-T through My SRC rather than wait for it to come in the mail. When you select the "Electronic" delivery method, you will have access to your IRS 1098-T in early January each year. Students who select "Paper" should expect their form to be mailed on January 31st.

Amounts reported on the 1098-T are for informational purposes only. You MUST rely on your receipts to determine the amount paid out-of-pocket for the tax credit. Students may also find their Course and Fee Statements helpful when completing their tax return.

Federal regulations allow those eligible to receive IRS Form 1098-T the option to receive the form in an electronic format instead of by mail. In order to exercise this option, eligible recipients must provide consent to receive the form in an electronic format. To receive an electronic IRS1098-T, you must select "Electronic" on the 1098-T delivery method section in My SRC. This election must be made each year.

What are the benefits of receiving your 1098-T electronically?

  • Online delivery provides access to the form earlier than the traditional mailing process, and reduces costs to the College.
  • It eliminates the chance that the 1098-T will get lost, misdirected or delayed during delivery, or misplaced once you receive it.
  • It is easy and secure.
  • Go Green and save the environment.

Directions for Choosing the Electronic 1098-T

To elect to receive your IRS Form 1098-T in an electronic format, please opt-in by completing the following simple steps:

  1. Log-in to your student account on My SRC.
  2. Select the "Student" tab.
  3. Select "My 1098T".
  4. Select your choice of delivery method: "Electronic" or "Paper".

Withdrawal of Consent

You may withdraw consent to receive an IRS 1098-T form electronically at any time by prior to January 10th by changing your election to "Paper" using the same procedure as above.

Request for Paper Statement

If you consented to receive the 1098-T form in an electronic format, and you subsequently want to request a paper copy, please call Rick Duvendack in the Business Office at (309) 649-6265 or email the request to

Updating Mailing Address

You may update your mailing address at any time by contacting Enrollment Services. Any updates must be completed by December 31st in order to ensure that the system is updated by the January 10th deadline. Please make sure your information is always up to date in order to reduce any potential delays in receiving the 1098-T tuition statement.

Availability of Electronic 1098-T Statements

Electronic 1098-T tuition statements will be available for the duration of your enrollment at SRC.

Viewing Your Electronic 1098-T Statements

You will not need any additional software to view or print the 1098-T form.

Please Note: Once consent is provided, it is important to note that SRC will not be mailing Form 1098-T to your home, but will be sending an email to your SRC account notifying you that your form is available for viewing online.

Why is the amount shown not what I paid? The 1098-T form from SRC shows amounts BILLED in the calendar year, not amounts PAID. Students should have records of the amounts paid in the form of receipts. Students may also print Course and Fee Statements from their My SRC account, which will show all payments made by term.

I attended in the Spring term, but the amount isn’t showing. Spring classes are billed in December of the prior year, and are therefore not included on the current year 1098-T. All activity for the calendar year is netted in box 2. Prior year 1098-T information is available on your My SRC account, or from the Business Office upon request.

Tuition and FeesSRC District Map

Summer 2015 Tuition & Fees

  Tuition & Fees Tuition Only
In District $135.00 / semester hour $115.00 / semester hour
Out-of-District, In State $288.00 / semester hour $268.00/ semester hour
Out-of-State & International $324.00/ semester hour $304.00/ semester hour
Online $175.00 / semester hour $175.00 / semester hour


Fall 2015 & Spring 2016 & Summer 2016 Tuition & Fees

  Tuition & Fees Tuition Only
In District $140.00 / semester hour $120.00 / semester hour
Out-of-District, In State $308.00 / semester hour $288.00/ semester hour
Out-of-State & International $334.00/ semester hour $314.00/ semester hour
Online $175.00 / semester hour $175.00 / semester hour



Residents of the College District: A resident student is one who lives in the Spoon River College District.

Resident of Illinois, Out-of-District: A student who resides in Illinois, but is not a resident of Spoon River College District, will be considered an out-of-district student.

Out-of-State Residents: Anyone who is a resident of another state at the time of application will be considered an out-of-state applicant.

International Students: A student whose legal residence is outside the United States or territories thereof is an international student.

Proof of Residence: Students must demonstrate​ that they are legal residents of Community College District 534 if they are requested to do so. A valid driver's license is sufficient proof.


Comprehensive Fees: A comprehensive fee of $20.00 per semester hour of credit is assessed each student. This fee supports student activities, technology, and various other services such as additional copies of student class schedules, adding/dropping/withdrawing from classes, and some mandatory testing costs.

Course Fees: Certain laboratory and other courses require additional fees for supplies, laboratory equipment and supplies, and special tools.

Cap and Gown Fee: A $20.00 fee for the purchase of the cap and gown will be charged to those individuals participating in college's graduation ceremony.

Transcript Fee: Transcripts will be sent within approximately three working days with no fee. There is a $2.00 fee for faxing a transcript and a $4.00 fee for immediate requests. Telephone requests will not be honored.

When Are the Tuition and Fees Due? Tuition and fees are due at the time of registering for classes. Students have the option of paying in full or signing up for a deferred payment plan through FACTS Tuition Management (Nelnet Business Solutions). Failure to pay tuition and fees or signing up for a deferred payment plan will result in the automatic cancellation of the student's registration.  Please go to the Payment Options page for information on FACTS.

Outstanding Accounts: All previous financial obligations must be cleared at the time of registration. No students shall enroll until such obligations are paid in full or satisfactory arrangements have been approved. Grades, transcripts, clearance for registration and graduation will be held on all students with outstanding accounts in any department of the College until the account is settled and a clearance forwarded to the Records Office.​​​​​​​

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