AA/AS Degree – Concentration in Drama

This curriculum is designed for students interested in transferring to a four-year institution in degree programs such as theatre, drama education, stage management, lighting design. This program is part of the Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications Career Cluster.

The listed sequence of courses provides guidance for students so that they can complete this program of study in the most efficient manner. This sequence assumes that students have met college academic placement and/or other program requirements. Students are strongly urged to contact a college advisor for assistance in developing their plan for enrolling in courses to meet the program of study.


Douglas Okey
Douglas Okey

Drama: 64 Credit Hours
Fall Semester Courses Credit Hrs.
ENG101Composition I3
COM103Speech Communication3
SOC100Introduction to Sociology3
DRM151Introduction to Drama3
Spring Semester Courses Credit hrs.
DRM136Technical Theatre Arts3
DRM160Oral Interpretation3
ENG102Composition II3
 Social & Behavioral Sciences3
 Lab Science4
Fall Semester Courses Credit Hrs.
DRM137Fundamentals of Acting3
 Humanities & Fine Arts3
 Social & Behavioral Sciences3
 Non-Lab Science3
Spring Semester Courses Credit Hrs.
DRM237Acting II3
DRM250Theatre Practicum3
 Humanities & Fine Arts3
 Health Science3

*Student should determine elective hours based on major and other requirements.
**Students planning to enter teaching should complete courses in the education curriculum.
Students must complete at least one IAI approved math course. Science requirements include at least one IAI life science and one IAI physical science, and one of those must be a lab science. Additional math and/or science courses are needed to complete general education requirements for the AS degree.