AA&S Degree – Concentration in Chemistry

This curriculum is designed for students interested in transferring to a four-year institution in a degree program. The listed sequence of courses provides guidance for students so that they can complete this program o​f study in the most efficient manner. This sequence assumes that students have met college academic placement and/or other program requirements. Students are strongly urged to contact a college advisor for assistance in developing their plan for enrolling in courses to meet the program of study.​​​

**HUM 110, Graduation Portfolio Development, is a required course for all students in this program. This program is part of the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Career Cluster.

Chemistry: 64 Credit Hours
First Semester Courses Credit Hrs.
CHE170 College Chemistry I 5
MAT151 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I 5
ENG101 Composition I 3
  Social & Behavioral Sciences 3
Second Semester Courses Credit Hrs.
CHE180 College Chemistry II 5
MAT152 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II 5
PH 121 Physics for Science & Engineering I 4
ENG102 Composition II 3
Third Semester Credit Hrs.
PH 122 Physics for Science & Engineering II 4
COM103 Speech Communication 3
  Humanities & Fine Arts 3
  Social & Behavioral Sciences 3
  Health Science 3
Fourth Semester Credit Hrs.
HUM110 Degree Portfolio Development 1
  Social & Behavioral Sciences 3
  Humanities & Fine Arts 6
  Non-lab Life Science 3
  Science Electives (PH 123 recommended) 2
In addition to MAT 151 and 152, some senior institutions require MAT 251 as a prerequisite for junior-level chemistry and mathematics courses.
Option one shown for Math and Science -- Complete one IAI approved math course, and three science courses with at least one being a lab course. One of the three science courses must be a physical science and one a life science course.

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