Success Stories

Success Stories

keith engel

“I have always said that you can do anything if you set your mind to it,” said Dalton Matthews, who is a certified nursing aid, a phlebotomist, has his EMT-B license, and is now an RN.

Matthews – who had the motivation – teamed up with Spoon River College – who had the programs he needed – to move towards his ultimate goal, which is to be a nurse on a medical helicopter. It’s a goal he’s had since witnessing the work done by medical helicopter personnel years earlier when his grandmother had a stroke.

Matthews began by taking the CNA course offered at SRC while still a senior at West Prairie High School. He joined the Colchester Fire Protection District after graduating high school, which prompted him to take the emergency medical technician course at the College – at the same time he was also completing his general education courses.

Matthews received his Associate in Nursing Degree from SRC in May 2013, and has already accepted a position at McDonough District Hospital on the acute care floor, where he will also be cross-trained for ICU.

“Pursuing a nursing education takes a lot of time, motivation, perseverance, devotion, and love of the profession, and my nursing ‘family’ kept me going,” said Matthews. “They have a very special place in my heart and always will.”

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