Nursing & Allied Health

Nursing & Allied Health

nursing instructor with studentsThe Nursing and Allied Health program offers many opportunities for individuals to have a rewarding career in the nursing field. The high demand for registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants, makes Spoon River College a great place to start your journey to a worthwhile career.

The SRC Nursing program features an option of completing a Practical Nursing certificate at the end of the first year, affording the individual eligibility to take the Practical Nursing licensing examination. The college also offers a Nursing Assistant course that is designed to prepare individuals for entry-level positions in the health care field.

Certificates and Degrees
Associate Degree in Nursing (eligible to take NCLEX-RN test)
Practical Nurse Certificate (eligible to take NCLEX-PN test)
Nurse Assistant Certificate (eligible to take state certificate exam)

Program Accreditation
The Nursing program is fully approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. In addition, SRC has submitted an application for ACEN accreditation of the nursing program. Graduates are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) and may apply for licensure to practice nursing as a Registered Nurse (RN). Those whom successfully complete the NUR 145 course are then eligible to take the NCLEX-LPN and may apply for licensure to practice as a Practical Nurse (LPN).

nursing application
Nursing Application form (pdf)
Transcript Evaluation Request​
16-17 Nursing Admission Handbook
15-16 Pre-Testing Nursing Schedule
Hepatitis B Vaccination Waiver
Nursing Physical
Nursing Background Check

Admission requirements for the nursing program includes the following:
Graduation from high school or equivalent.
Take the college required COMPASS test.
Biology – must meet the prerequisites for BIO 200 and BIO 206 (high school biology within the past five years, or BIO 101 or 105).
Take the pre-nursing ATI-TEAS test.
A non-fingerprint background check, physical and immunizations, including a two-step TB test required prior to entry into the program.

Nature of Work​
Nursing is a dynamic combination of art and science applied to meeting the health care needs of individuals and families in the communities in which we live. Nurses promote wellness, assist with the restoration and maintenance of health and provide comfort to the dying. Nurses primarily work in inpatient and outpatient departments of hospitals. Others work in physicians’ offices, nursing care facilities, government agencies, outpatient care centers and social assistance agencies, as well as in home healthcare, educational and employ​​ment agencies. This program is part of the Health Science Career Cluster.


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 Enrichment Opportunities


The nursing program provides students with multiple learning experiences through a variety of clinical opportunities such as nursing homes, hospitals, home health agencies, health departments, physician offices and clinics, live simulation and more.

Top used clinical locations:
McDonough District Hospital, Macomb, IL
Pekin Hospital, Pekin, IL
Graham Hospital, Canton, IL
Heartland Health Care Center, Macomb, IL
Heartland Health Care Center, Canton, IL
Mosaic, Macomb, IL
Renaissance Care Center, Canton, IL
Spoon River Home Health Services, Farmington, IL


 Nursing Pre-Entrance Testing


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Tamatha Schleich, Director/Nursing Faculty

Penny Cozart, Nursing Faculty

Penny Pollock, Nursing Faculty

Juliet Williams, Nursing Faculty

rebecca sherwood
Rebecca Sherwood, Nursing Faculty

judith nolan
Judith Nolan, Skills Lab Preceptor

Barb Strauch, Skills Lab Preceptor


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