Natural Resources & Conservation

Natural Resources & Conservation

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This program is supported by a strong foundation in agriculture, wildlife management and soil conservation. Students will develop hands-on land management skills including maintenance, chainsaw operation, forestry, herbicide decisions, prairie plant production, outdoor recreation and wildlife management. Spoon River College’s 160-acre campus, including an arboretum, provides students with a wide range of land management opportunities.

Certificates and Degrees

  • Associate in Applied Degree
  • Natural Resources and Conservation Certificate

Nature of Work
Forests and rangelands supply wood products, livestock forage, minerals and water; serve as sites for recreational activities; and provide habitats for wildlife. Conservation scientists and foresters manage their use and development and help to protect these and other natural resources. This program is part of the Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Career Cluster.

Employment Opportunities

  • Foresters
  • Range Managers
  • Soil and Water Conservationists
  • Wildlife Manager
  • Park Ranger


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