This curriculum will provide students an opportunity to explore the field of gerontology and develop an understanding of the aging process. As the overall population ages, in addition to healthcare, the field of gerontology will provide limitless opportunities for employment. Students in this program are required to submit a graduation portfolio.

Certificates and Degrees

  • Associate in Applied Science
  • Gerontology Certificate

Nature of Work
Graduates will have opportunities for employment with service-providing industries for the aging population, as in business and financial services, fitness and wellness, consumer products (i.e., electronic and digital), housing (i.e., new construction, adaptive remodeling, planned communities) and travel (i.e., transportation and hospitality). This program is part of the Health Science Career Cluster.

Employment Opportunities

  • Developing programs for older persons in seniors centers, community agencies or retirement communities
  • Providing direct care to ill or frail older persons in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, or through adult cay care or home care programs
  • Counseling older persons and their families about issues in aging, caregiving, employment, death and dying, or mental health
  • Advising older clients about estate planning and investments, financing long-term care, or housing option.
  • Designing products to meet the special interests and needs of older persons
  • Advising business, industry, and labor regarding older workers and consumers.


CoursesContinuing Education​​​​​​​​


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For information about the Gerontology program, contact the Department of Nursing and Allied Health at (309) 649-6227.


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