Agricultural Business Management

Agricultural Business Management

combine unloading cornThe Agriculture program is designed to prepare students for careers as farmers, ranchers, agricultural managers or agricultural workers. Students will develop hands-on management skills with farmland, including maintenance, tillage practices, fertility, herbicide decisions, variety/hybrid choices and marketing strategies for crops.  Students will also gain employment skills by working with local agriculture businesses during a paid seven-eight week experience.

Certificates and Degrees

  • Associate in Applied Science
  • Sustainable Food Production Certificate

Nature of Work
High tech advancement in food and animal production management have created a need for education, fast-thinking professionals. Farmers and ranchers are the self-employed owner-operators of establishments involved in crop and/or animal production. Their work encompasses numerous tasks, both production-related and management-related. Agriculture managers and workers also need to be computer literate, have bookkeeping skills and mechanical ability, and have an understanding of the commodities market. Increased use of GPS and GIS technology in crop production is becoming more common. Individuals trained in agriculture business management are also employed in commercial horticulture operations. This program is part of the Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Career Cluster.

Employment Opportunities

  • Farmer
  • Farm manager
  • Agriculture research
  • Seed Sales
  • Agriculture support
  • Nursery/greenhouse manager
  • Rancher
  • Ranch manager


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