Emergency Medical Technician

Program Description: The Spoon River College program in Emergency Medical Technician is a one semester program focused on basic life support in the field and transportation of ill and injured patients. The curriculum is based on the Department of Transportation National Standard Curriculum and prepares the graduate to take the EMT-B certification exam.

Nature of Work: This program is designed for individuals who want to develop skills focusing on basic life support in the field, as well as provide initial assessment and management of care for the ill and injured from the pre-hospital setting to the emergency or hospital care environments. Students will be able to take the EMT-B certification exam upon completion of the curriculum.

Certificate and Degrees: Spoon River College offers the Emergency Medical Technician Certificate allowing graduates to volunteer or work for ambulance services, hospitals, fire, police or rescue squad departments.


Emergency Medical Technician Certificate:
8 Credit Hours

certifies students to take the EMT Licensure exam
Required Course ​Credit Hours
​FS 134 ​EMT Basic 8