Spoon River College Announces 2014-2015 College Theme

The College Theme for the 2014-2015 academic year at Spoon River College will be “I’ll See You in Health!: Global Challenges and Personal Choices in the Pursuit of Wellness.”

“We wanted a theme that would have broad appeal across the academic disciplines and the career and technical fields,” said Michael Maher, who has taught sociology at Spoon River College for the past 17 years.  Besides Maher, faculty members Becky Leverette (Psychology), Kay Norton (English) and Douglas Okey (English) were involved in creating this year’s theme. .

The College first implemented the use of a theme during the 2010-2011 academic year as a way to highlight both the similarities and the uniqueness of academic disciplines and career and technical education programs.

“Rather than viewing different programs and courses as disconnected or competing with one another, a theme encourages students to be aware of the overlap that exists,” Maher said. “A college theme reinforces the importance of a comprehensive understanding of issues and encourages students to carefully consider the various arguments and evidence from all of them.”

The theme was inspired by the satirical comedy program “The Colbert Report,” in which “Cheating Death with Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.,” is a recurring segment with “I’ll See You in Health!” as its tagline.

“We thought that a popular culture connection might increase students’ engagement with a theme,” said Maher, noting that faculty may apply the theme in their courses however they wish.

“Possible interpretations of the theme might range from physical health, mental health, nutrition and food, exercise and fitness, public policy on health related issues, disease and illness, and environmental health and global climate change,” said Maher.

Past themes were Culture and Competition: Conflict, Cooperation, and Creativity; Rights and Responsibility: The Struggle for Justice and Equality; Aqua-Culture: Industry, Health, Sustainability, and the Future of Water; and The Democratization of Information: Power, Peril, and Promise.

“We want our students to be aware of how important it is to be well-informed and willing to study an issue from all perspectives,” said Maher. “After all, the students we are teaching today will be the leaders making decisions tomorrow.”

Spoon River College is a two-year, public community college in West Central Illinois, with campuses and Community Outreach Centers in Canton and Macomb, and Learning Centers in Havana and Rushville. It was named among the top 120 community colleges in the 2012 Aspen Institute College Excellence Program. For more information about Spoon River College, visit www.src.edu